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A Kickstarter Booster for Lankhmar: City of Thieves!

In the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes, danger lurks down every dark alley. Sinister sorcerers summon terrible forces in their crumbling towers. Treacherous rogues of the Thieves’ Guild prowl the Plaza of Dark Delights. Assassins from the Slayers’ Brotherhood work the Tenderloin District. And hunched figures skitter beneath the streets, waiting for their chance to rise.

Now your party of warriors and scoundrels can expand their adventures beyond Lankhmar to the high seas of Nehwon. They might venture to the Sea of Stars to confront priests of the ancient and terrible Mokrath, or book passage to Rime Isle and fall prey to "The Thing From Below."

The Savage Seas of Nehwon contains everything a Game Master needs to create incredible tales of high sea-based adventures for Lankhmar or ANY fantasy Savage Setting, including:

  • The Seas of Nehwon: Overviews of the Inner Sea, Outer Sea, Frozen Sea, Sea of Stars, Sea of the East, and Lankhmar's docks and harbors. 
  • Characters: New Edges, Hindrance, powers, and Setting Rules dealing with ships and the sea.
  • Ships: Statistics for the various ocean-going vessels of Nehwon, Setting Rules, naval maneuvers, and rules for savage storms!
  • Adventure Generator: A complete adventure generator for creating your own fantastic Savage Tales!
  • Savage Tales: Sea-based adventures in Fritz Leiber's incredible style, such as "Jewel of the Deep," "Queen of the Sunken Realm," "Bride of the Golden Isle," and more!
  • Denizens of the Deep: New beasts to drag your heroes from the decks of their ships to the briny depths!

Please Note!

A copy of the Savage Worlds core rules is necessary to play and is not included in these reward levels. You can get our core rules now for ALL your Savage Worlds games at (and it's only $9.99! )

And if you're looking for the other PDF books in the Lankhmar line from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, click here!

We want to support our settings after the core releases and have been trying to figure out how for a while. So we're trying a "Booster" as an experiment. You might think it's easy for an established company like Pinnacle to just put new product into the retail chain, but it's not (See  "Why Kickstarter?" below).

Right now, Kickstarter is still the best place for many of our customers who don't have a local game store, or whose game store doesn't carry Savage Worlds, to find out about and pick up our games. We'll still do our big, full-on Kickstarters just like we've done before for our new settings and other big projects. But creating all the Stretch Goals and extra products we need to support those doesn't make sense for a follow-on book, so we're doing something a little different...the Booster.

If it works out, you'll see more of these. (We've got books for The Last Parsec and Savage Rifts® already in the works.)

So what does all that mean for you? Pledge for Savage Seas and we'll give you the Booster Rewards listed below (including a REALLY cool adventure written by Shane Hensley that follows on with the work he did on the original 1992 TSR boxed set for Dungeons & Dragons!)

If you'd rather wait and get it from your local store, GREAT! You can pledge for the PDF here if you like, get the Booster Rewards, then order the print version of the book from your store later this year. Be sure to tell your store you're looking for this!

Booster Rewards

  • Please note only backers who pledge at Savage Seas (Digital) and above receive these Booster Rewards.
  • Free Archetypes: All backers get the existing Lankhmar archetypes.
  • Table Tents: Form-fillable print and play foldable character cards, perfect for home or convention play.
  • One Sheets: Three brand new, ready-to-run One Sheets for Lankhmar that take place on the Seas of Nehwon!
  • New Archetypes: We'll add four new archetypes to the pack, including the Sea Sorcerer and the Ghoul Swashbuckler!
  • Nehwon / Lankhmar Map: Every backer gets a digital version of the Lankhmar and Nehwon map!
  • A Night of Blood and Teeth: Shane Hensley was the original author of TSR's Lankhmar boxed set back in 1996 (the year he created Deadlands, coincidentally)! He's working on an adventure that hearkens back to the one he wrote for the Dungeons & Dragons box set so many years ago. Our heroes pilfer a strange, finned idol from Lankhmar and find themselves the target of a particularly deadly cult. The pursuit takes them beyond the crashing waves to the open waters, making use of the Seas of Nehwon book as they attempt to learn the secret of the strange idol and survive A Night of Blood and Teeth!

We released the Lankhmar: City of Thieves setting in 2015 (retail 2016), with multiple books, custom Bennies, maps, and a gorgeous Game Master's screen! You can check them out here!

We also created this gorgeous Lankhmar Collector's Set with all of the above inside!

Now your barbarians and scoundrels can take to the open waters, searching for adventure from the icy waters of the Frozen Sea to the mysterious Sea of the East!

Along the way they might resist the deadly charms of the Drowner from the Deep, battle a blade octopus, pilfer the booty of ghost pirates, or skirt the edges of a sudden whirlpool whirling with sinister sea creatures!

The Savage Seas of Nehwon was written by Howard Jones and illustrated by some of Pinnacle's best artists, with a cover by the amazing Thomas Denmark!

We'll add the Lankhmar maps, Bennies, dice, and other accessories in the pledge manager after the Kickstarter, but we have a great addition for Lankhmar fans RIGHT NOW...

Our good friend David Soderquist at Bronze Age Miniatures has completed what we think are the BEST versions of Lankhmar's signature rogues and their sorcerous mentors EVER! Check out these amazing sculpts!

Add a set of all four 28mm, metal figures to your pledge for $25!

These will also be available in the pledge manager so you can update your pledge amount now or later...whatever's best for YOU.

 Please note only physical reward backers may choose Add Ons in the pledge manager after the Kickstarter. PDF backers will be able to upgrade to physical rewards. 

Tommy's Take

"I would use this for the random adventure generator alone. If you want to replicate sea adventures for Lankhmar, the lean page count (96 pages) is used to great effect. If you're happy with keeping your adventures to the city streets, this may not benefit you so well. If you have the money to spend, you may well find the mechanical bits to be worth it for any nautical-heavy campaign." --Tommy Brownell's The Most Unread Blog on the Internet 

Read the entire review here!


"The Savage Seas of Nehwon gives you everything you need for adventures on the oceans of Lankhmar. Its support for naval encounters are admirable, if somewhat sparse, but this material is designed to be integrated into a complete product. With haunted sea travellers, treacherous waterways, and fetid beasts from beyond the ken of surface-dwellers, you can be sure to follow in the soggy footsteps of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser with ease if you read through the Savage Seas of Lankhmar." --John Farrell, GamingTrend

Read the entire review here!

The Gaming Gang

"One of the things I especially liked is the adventures tackle a variety of styles..There's a lot of flavor from the Nehwon stories in the adventures in the books, but they're not "religiously following canon." And that also goes for the bestiary, because there aren't a ton of Leiber stories where the main focus is Fafhrd and Grey Mouser being on the seas—or under the seas. There aren't a whole lot of different creatures or villains and things. Pinnacle Entertainment has created monsters and creatures and denizens of the deep that your player characters could encounter that are really within in the flavor of Fritz Leiber's stories. They're not taken directly from his stories (there are some, don't get me wrong) they're inspired from Fritz Leiber's tales. I thought that was very cool. I really dig it. 

"If you are a fan of Fritz Leiber's all means pick up the Lankhmar books from Pinnacle Entertainment." 

--Jeff McAleer, The Gaming Gang

Watch the entire review here!

If you're new to Savage Worlds or want a little taste of Lankhmar, you can check out our absolutely free Test Drive rules right now! Just click HERE

We'll charge for shipping after the Kickstarter using a pledge manager, but here's a table estimating how much the shipping will be. It's possible these prices may go down as we continue to seek out different options, but we won't charge you any more than what's listed below.

We are shipping from the US to the rest of the world, and are using local shipping centers in the USA, Canada, EU, and Australia to further reduce the costs for you. Those deals change constantly, depending on the postal rates and our volume.

 Merchant Shipping

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International stores receive discounted shipping. We handle each retail order individually to get you the best rate. If you prefer to be part of the "friendly" shipping instead, just let us know. 

PDF Delivery

After the campaign ends and all money has been released from Kickstarter, we'll post an Update with instructions on how to access your PDFs from Shortly after that, we'll send links through RPGNow/DriveThruRPG.

Sometimes people ask why an established company like Pinnacle uses Kickstarter. It's a fine question and we don't mind answering it.

Kickstarter began as a way to let individuals realize a dream they couldn't do on their own. We acknowledge and applaud that. Since then, of course, it's changed, and creators of all backgrounds have come to use it, from the largest to the smallest.

We're glad you think Pinnacle is a "big" company. ;) But we're not. We're two full-timers and a whole bunch of fantastic people who contribute to different projects in different ways.

We've been making games for a long time (since 1994!), and we still aren't carried by a large number of game stores. These days, the growth of board games and a few popular roleplaying games like D&D take up most retail stores' ordering dollars. Many keep our core Savage Worlds books in stock, and some carry most of our settings as well. We appreciate it and love 'em for it. But the vast majority of gamers who like to play our Fast! Furious! Fun! game can't find them locally, so they order them direct from our website where we've done most of our business for a long time.

Kickstarter has proved tremendously valuable for us and many other game companies our size because people looking for the latest blockbuster often see our games as well.

Still, all of our books and most of our physical products are always offered to your "Favorite Local Game Store," and we want to support them. (Our founder, Shane Hensley, owned and ran a game store for nearly a decade!)

If you want to support us and your store, skip the Kickstarter—but maybe help us get the word out for those who don't have a great store nearby—and then preorder from your store.

Retailers can use the Merchant reward level to get their shipment before regular retail release. Domestic (continental U.S.) stores also get FREE shipping! 

However you choose to support this campaign for Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon, THANK YOU. We appreciate it when you share our work on social media, tell a friend, or pledge for the games we put so much love and effort into. 

Available Rewards:

$25USD + Shipping

Savage Seas (Print)

The Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon 96-page book in print and PDF plus all booster rewards.

If you would like the limited edition hardcover instead of the softcover copy (included), please select the hardcover variant in your reward. Additional charges will apply.


  • Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon (softcover)
  • All booster rewards (PDFs)

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Savage Seas (Digital)

The Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon 96-page book in PDF only plus all booster rewards.

You can now upgrade your reward to purchase a physical copy of Lankhmar: The Savage Seas of Nehwon (softcover or limited edition hardcover). You must upgrade to a physical reward level to purchase add-ons.

If you are happy with the digital rewards you've already received, simply click through the survey. Your cart will be empty when you finish because this survey is only for physical products. If you have any questions, email Thanks for your support!


  • Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon (PDF)
  • All booster rewards (PDFs)

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